Press Release

Crown Laboratories Launches Redesigned Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen Line

JOHNSON CITY, TN (Feb. 19, 2019)—Crown Laboratories, Inc., announced today that its fan-favorite and dermatologist-recommended Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen is launching a full brand redesign. The redesign includes new products, improved formulations and a new aesthetic design concept across the entire portfolio. This announcement comes after a year of rigorous research to build on the science of mineral-based sunscreens to deliver safe, effective products that comply with new reef-safe sunscreen legislation.

“We are committed to environmental responsibility,” said Jeff Bedard, CEO and President of Crown Laboratories. “Blue Lizard® sunscreen formulas (Active, Sport, Kids) have been updated to remove Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, that some research suggests are potentially harmful to coral. We are proud to say that our new formulations are fully compliant with pending reef-safe sunscreen laws in Hawaii and Key West. We are confident that our products will continue to deliver superior sun protection for every skin type and outdoor activity.”

In addition to eco-conscious reformulations, Blue Lizard® is launching a brand redesign, including a new logo and updated packaging. The new packaging includes enhanced educational content that answers some of the most common sunscreen questions, such as, “How much sunscreen should be applied to the body?” and “What does ‘mineral-based’ mean?”

“Our educational content additions are designed to give our customers the information they need to stay sun safe and choose the best ingredients for their family,” said Garrick Killbery, Executive Director of Marketing for Consumer Healthcare. “Blue Lizard’s new logo tells the story of the brand’s modernization— we’re evolving to meet the demands of consumers and the marketplace. Our customers expect, and deserve, a sunscreen that protects their skin without potential harm to the environment. They know that Blue Lizard® Sunscreens have delivered dermatologist-recommended, mineral-based sun protection for over 20 years, and we will continue to do so as we renew our commitment to environmentally-safe ingredients in 2019.”

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