Press Release

Crown Laboratories Announces Expansion of Manufacturing Facility

July 12, 2022 (Johnson City, TN) – Crown Laboratories (“Crown”), a leading, fully integrated global skincare company, announced today that it is adding 60,000 square feet to its manufacturing complex in Johnson City, TN. The facility is home to leading dermatological brands such as PanOxyl® acne wash, Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen, and Sarna® anti-itch lotion.

The additional 60,000 sq. ft. will bring the Lafe Cox Drive facility to approximately 250,000 square feet – enough to accommodate the warehouse space that is required to keep up with Crown’s growing manufacturing and packaging needs. The facility manufactures and distributes products for the global market, including prescription, medical devices, OTC and cosmetic products.  It has been producing record numbers of finished goods on a consistent month over month basis. 

“We have been at maximum capacity for some time now,” said Jeff Bedard, President and CEO of Crown. “Our organization has grown significantly and as a result, our production demands have nearly doubled in the past couple of years. With that increased production comes additional componentry, cartons and materials. By expanding our warehouse and adding close to 5,000 pallet locations, we will be able to conduct our operations with more efficiency and with better financial controls.”

The $7.5 million project is expected to be online in early Q2, 2023.