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Transforming Bug Bite Aftercare: Sarna® Unveils Hydrocolloid Bug Bite Patches

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn., May 9, 2024 – Crown Laboratories, Inc., the maker of Sarna®, the #1 dermatologist recommended topical anti-itch brand*, proudly announces the launch of its novel product, Sarna Bug Bite Patches. These hydrocolloid patches help protect the skin by preventing picking and scratching and are infused with a blend of aloe, witch hazel, and chamomile to help soothe the skin.

Sarna Bug Bite Patches offer a convenient and discreet solution for both children and adults to overcome bug bites and enjoy all of life’s adventures.  The hydrocolloid technology creates a barrier over the affected area, allowing the botanicals to help soothe the skin. With Sarna's commitment to quality and efficacy, Sarna Bug Bite Patches are a must-have addition to everyone’s travel bag.

"I'm thrilled to see Sarna introduce a Bug Bite Patch to the market. The combination of hydrocolloid technology and skin-soothing botanicals is a smart and effective approach to managing the aftermath of bug bites,” said Dr. Suneel Chilukuri, Board Certified Dermatologist. “This product aligns with the principles of dermatological care and offers users a tangible solution to a common problem."

"This new innovation in the Sarna portfolio of products represents our dedication to providing innovative solutions for everyday skincare challenges,” said Steve Gallopo, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer of Crown Laboratories’ Consumer Skincare Division. “We understand the impact bug bites can have on someone’s comfort and well-being, and these patches offer a simple yet effective solution to bug bite management."

Bug Bite Patches (24 ct.) are now available for purchase on for $8.49. For more information, please visit

*Source: IQVIA Health 2023


About Sarna®
Sarna® is the #1 dermatologist-recommended brand in the anti-itch category. Offering a unique variety of formulations, each product in the collection is designed to provide fast-acting and soothing comfort to compromised skin without a prescription. Powerful yet steroid-free, Sarna products are safe for everyday use and contain no parabens, dyes, or fragrance. For more information about Sarna, please visit