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Introducing Crown Aesthetics’ International Educational Program for SkinPen® Precision Customers

September 14, 2022 (Dallas, TX). Crown Aesthetics (“Crown”), a division of Crown Laboratories, Inc., announced today that its direct United Kingdom and Ireland (“UKI”) team will now offer all UK & Ireland SkinPen Precision customers with an opportunity to receive internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) accreditation.

Upon completion of our Crown Educational Learning program, all SkinPen customers in Crown’s UK & Ireland direct markets will receive CPD education points that will go towards their own self-development learning. This is the first CPD opportunity for microneedling aesthetic practices in these countries.

Crown’s self-driven SkinPen Precision education program includes 3 hours of online pre-learning modules and a 6-hour Academy, Virtual, Live Seminar or In-clinic Masterclass. The comprehensive Masterclass is interactive and aims to educate on the versatility and effectiveness of microneedling using SkinPen Precision following FDA and CE guidelines.  The Program’s content includes skin anatomy, diagnosis and wound healing responses, mechanism of action, clinical studies, approved FDA and CE protocols, contraindications and precautions, creating satisfied patients, and treatment tailoring.

Crown Aesthetics is built upon three foundational pillars:  Technology, Education, and Customer Service. Crown ensures SkinPen meets or exceeds all industry standards for efficacy and safety.  Because we take great pride in our technology, it is paramount that our aesthetic practices do the same.  Because our customers are continuously looking to enhance their proficiency and techniques, we are dedicated to providing them with opportunities to stay on top of our latest innovations and to hone their skills. By investing in CPD accredited education to help our practices deliver our premier microneedling treatment to their patients, we are providing our practice partners a competitive advantage to grow their SkinPen patient base.

“Crown Aesthetics is upholding our commitment to our clinic partners by helping them drive success with our technologies,” said Angela Wilson McDonald, Senior Director of Global Education for Crown Aesthetics. “Through education and support, we are helping them achieve the highest level of safety and efficacy for their patients. This is the foundation upon which Crown Aesthetics was founded in 2013 and which has led us to emerge as the world leader in the skin remodeling market with SkinPen Precision.


About Crown Aesthetics

Crown Aesthetics, the premier medical aesthetics company, is dedicated to helping leading practices around the world grow their businesses. We do that by delivering dramatic results in rejuvenation and restoration. Our minimally-invasive innovations – SkinPen®, the first FDA-cleared microneedling device; MicroPen EVO™, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) systems ProGen PRP™ Advantage and Eclipse PRP®, VOTESSE™, a hair health system; and the post-microneedling protocol Skinfuse®– act as "gateway" products that drive new and highly satisfied patients into practices. Based in Dallas, Texas, Crown Aesthetics sets industry standards for efficacy, safety, and innovation. As a result, our customers consistently deliver the best aesthetic care in the business. For more information, please visit