Press Release

Crown Laboratories Announces Addition of Thomas Hitchcock, PhD to the Leadership Team

JOHNSON CITY, TN (Nov. 20, 2018)—Crown Laboratories, Inc. (“Crown Laboratories”), a leading, fully integrated skin care company and Hildred Capital Partners LLC (“Hildred”) portfolio company, today announced the appointment of Thomas Hitchcock, Ph.D. as Chief Science Officer. Dr. Hitchcock will oversee Medical Affairs, R&D and Clinical Development for all Crown brands and will hold a Leadership Team position.

Dr. Hitchcock is the Founder of Xycrobe Therapeutics Inc. ( and has served as its Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, Dr. Hitchcock served as the Acting Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of Clinical & Medical Affairs at Bellus Medical from its inception in 2013 up to the acquisition by Crown Laboratories last month. He has more than 20 years of research experience including Basic Science, Proof-of-Concept, Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research across several therapeutic areas such as Cardiology, Oncology, Gene Therapy, Plastic/Facial plastic surgery, Dermatology and Aesthetic medicine.

Jeff Bedard, President and CEO of Crown Laboratories said, “I am delighted to welcome Dr. Hitchcock to Crown. Dr. Hitchcock will be working diligently to move our growing pipeline through the approval and commercialization process. Under Dr. Hitchcock’s leadership and guidance, we look forward to building a strong network of academia to guide us along the path of achieving successful commercialization of current and future products.”

“I’m thrilled to be joining Crown during this time of accelerated growth.” says Dr. Hitchcock. “Given the company’s diverse portfolio and pipeline, my background and expertise align nicely with the organization’s path forward and I am excited at the opportunity to contribute to the innovation across all Crown brands. Innovation, unique technology, and strong leadership will be critical to our success and I am eager to continue to build out the scientific side of the business and help drive the company forward. I have no doubt we have a strong future ahead of us,”

Previous to his work in the industry, Dr. Hitchcock performed research at Weill Cornell Medical College where he studied multiple myeloma genetics. He also performed his Post-doctoral Research in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine at Yale University. During this time, he was first to successfully implant a tissue-engineered human small-diameter artery into a living host. His findings have been presented internationally and printed in a number of noteworthy publications including the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences and a chapter on energy-based devices in Clinics in Plastic Surgery. Dr. Hitchcock earned his Ph.D. in Genetics from Clemson University and completed postdoctoral trainings at Duke University and Yale University in Biomedical Engineering, Vascular Biology and Therapeutics.