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Crown Aesthetics Introduces SkinPen® Premium Biocellulose Masque

Dallas, TX, (February 6, 2023) - Crown Aesthetics, a division of Crown Laboratories, is excited to announce the launch of its new Premium Biocellulose Masque for post-treatment skin soothing. This new addition to the SkinPen® Precision Treatment Kits and MicroPen EVO™ Turbo Safety Kits marks the first premium upgrade to the Treatment Kit options from Crown Aesthetics.

Designed to help quickly soothe and calm the skin, the SkinPen Premium Biocellulose Masque is appropriate for all skin tones and types and can be used following any facial procedures that may cause discomfort, including SkinPen, MicroPen EVO, photodynamic therapy, dermabrasion, lasers, peels and other ablative treatments. The masque provides an immediate cooling effect on contact. With its easy application, the Premium Biocellulose Masque is a must-have for any professional dermatologist or aesthetician’s toolkit and can be applied at the practice for immediate cooling or provided to patients as an at-home masque to use within a few hours post-treatment.

“We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our SkinPen treatment kits," said Lauren MacCallum, SkinPen and MicroPen EVO Product Manager at Crown Aesthetics. "The Premium Biocellulose Masque was specifically developed to bring additional value for our practice partners and provide even higher satisfaction for their patients. We feel that the Premium Biocellulose Masque will help to create an even better patient experience.”

“Our team is always looking for ways to bring additional value to our practices. Crown Aesthetics’ mission is to drive innovation and provide superior products and customer service to aesthetics providers around the world. The addition of the Premium Biocellulose Masque will broaden our product line and increase patient satisfaction," said Michael McKenna, General Manager & EVP of Crown Aesthetics.

The Premium Biocellulose Masque is now available as an add-on option for SkinPen and MicroPen EVO Treatment Kits and is included as a part of the new Treatment Kit Premium configuration.


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